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Don’t Make These Mistakes During Your Next Pitch

Has your next presentation got you nervous? Stay away from these top 3 pitching mistakes & chances are you'll be alright. While we us

Effective Ways To Protect Your Business Idea

If you want to grow your business, you have to be willing to reach out to others. Whether it's potential hires, investors, or

How To Effectively Pitch A Controversial Topic

Whether you're pitching your new smart-vibrator, or tip-toeing through a controversial business idea with investors, there's

How Instagram Became #1 On The App Store

The story of how Instagram started is a long & complex one, but if there's one point to take-away, it's don't be afraid t

How Long Should My Business Plan Be?

According to many entrepreneurs, the length of a business plan varies depending on the size of the enterprise. A smaller busi

Best Way To Perform A U.S. Patent Search

If you have a product or business idea that you want to patent, you must first make sure that somebody else hasn't already pa

How Angry Birds’ Perseverance Led To A Billion Dollar Company

When Angry Birds (aka Rovio) first started in 2003, it was just a 3 person company. The founders, Niklas, Kim & Jaro made

Writing a Startup Business Plan

A startup business plan is a written document (generally 20 - 40 pages) that describes the step by step plan of how you will run your busine

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The Best Way to Come Up With Startup Ideas

If you're feeling inspired & ready to commit some time to a new business venture, but can't decide on the "right" idea, t

How to Nail Your Investor Pitch

Got an investor meeting / pitch coming up? Follow these 5 bits of advice to ensure you nail your pitch: 1. Start the party.