Etherparty: The Perfect ICO Pitch Deck



Back when Pitchenvy first started 6 years ago, hardly anyone knew what cryptocurrencies were. Alot has changed since then. Etherparty is the first cryptocurrency pitch deck we've ever featured, and we're hopeful it won't be our last.

Back in October 2017, Etherparty announced their FUEL token and protocol dedicated to making Ethereum smart contract creation a breeze for anyone. They managed to crowdfund $34 million of their $65 million goal by selling FUEL tokens through a process called an initial coin offering (ICO).

Generally, ICOs raised money via a landing page + a crowdsale smart contract. However, Etherparty took it one step further and created an attractive, shareable pitch deck for their token sale. It seems to have served them well, and we're excited to break it down for you below:  


  • Crisp graphics. Literally every single graphic in this presentation is eye-catching. If you need crisp graphics for your pitch deck but you suck at graphic design, I recommend checking out Fiverr since you can hire freelancers for cheap, send them some inspiration, and have them whip up exactly what you want.
  • Good explanation of the problem. Check out their problem slide; slide 6. Most people don't know about smart contracts, and if they do, they don't know much about the problems surrounding them. They make it really easy to digest the problem they're solving by breaking it down into 6 simple points.
  • Appendix with videos. This way you don't have to worry about squeezing in buggy video embeds on your slides. Just stick all the links on one slide at the end.


  • Vague description of their solution. If you dig into Etherparty, you'll realize they actually have a great product being built....However, if you only read slides 7-10 of this presentation, you will most-likely be a little confused. It seems like they are trying to describe their solution from one-too-many angles. Considering how ICO investors are investing from all over the globe (without the ability to meet & speak with the team in-person) special attention needs to be paid to making sure the solution is effectively communicated using just the slides in the deck.

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