Mwabu: EdTech Pitch Deck



This is the first educational technology pitch deck we've posted on Pitchenvy. Mwabu combines a multitude of solutions to tackle the problems facing the education system in Africa. While many people may not know about these problems, Mwabu's deck does a great job of explaining them & why they're important. Let's dive in:  


  • Great explanation of the problem they're solving. They break it down into 3 main points, and use crisp graphics + facts to make it easily digestible. Needless to say, they cite all their sources as well (slide 3).
  • Lots of research into market size & market opportunity. They show it from 3 different angles: household income, government budgets, and technological adoption (slides 7-9).


  • No clear call-to-action. While we don't know the exact aim of this pitch deck, it's always good to have some ask or call-to-action at the end of your pitch. What are you after? Are you hiring or fundraising? Is it a check you're looking for, or an intro to a larger firm? Don't be afraid to ask.
  • The 2 Competition slides (slides 15-16) could have just been 1 slide.
  • Unnecessary slides. Slides 17-20 could be combined with some of the content from slide 14 in to a single roadmap slide. This would be alot cleaner & much more concise. Additionally, some of the slides towards the end could be added as Appendices after their CTA. This way, investors can decide if they want to read more after they've heard the main pitch.
Mwabu did a great job of explaining the complex problems facing the education system in Africa. They also did a great job of describing their multifaceted solution. The whole pitch is undoubtedly fantastic-- and with a little more conciseness, it will be perfect!

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