WeWork: The Series D Pitch Deck That Led To A $5 Billion Valuation



As someone who's had the pleasure of working out of the WeWork's coworking spaces before, I have to say they're certainly doing things right. In fact, they were one of the first companies in the coworking space to "do it right", by paying attention to the details and prioritizing their office culture. The pitch deck featured here today is not a pre-seed or seed stage pitch deck from their early days, but rather a Series D pitch deck aimed at raising much more than their previous $150 million Series C round. In 2014, this deck led to them raising $355 million at a $4.6 million pre-money valuation, from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Co, and Harvard Management Company.  


  • Proof of their proven business model. This is as important for early stage deals as it is for late stage deals. Just look at slides 11 & 35. These are real, legit numbers lifted from their official financial documents. This level of transparency is a great way to concisely show investors that you're profitable & have traction.


  • Lack of call to action? We assume that WeWork removed their call-to-action slide before making this deck public, so we're not going to subtract points for that....BUT, if you're using this as an example for your own company's pitch deck, please make sure to include a slide at the end that asks the viewer to take some action. Whether it dropping you some feedback at your email, or mailing you check-- you decide.

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